More is not more.

"With the exception of my pure JD Musc Neutre parfum which is quite magical layered everywhere and anywhere, I am not a fan of layering my perfume creations together.  Maybe for you, but it's just not me.  Each of my perfume creations have been made as a composite whole with particular elements in the formula from start to finish designed to speak to you with its own melody.  Two perfumes worn together confuse me, and I fall back to my more is not more approach to perfumery."
May 09, 2022 — Jeffrey Dame

Is it pepperminty or spear-minty? Formula development quandaries.

"You never forget your first love which for me was my New Musk Man Cologne.  But lately, this fine spring of 2022 I find myself exclusively wearing Minty Man Cologne which is exceptional.  I smile at the memory of developing this scent where I went back and forth between a peppermint theme verses a spearmint theme.  Back and forth, minty peppermint or minty spearmint.  In the end I went with peppermint in the formula and am so glad I did.  Just magical and superb.  Such are the travails of a perfume-maker."
April 25, 2022 — Jeffrey Dame

Will it be chocolate+ rose or rose+ chocolate?

"In conceiving a new perfume formula, do I approach the recipe as a chocolate scent with a rose accent? Or, will it be a rose scent with a chocolate accent? There is indeed a difference in both development and the final result. I decided a rose dominant perfume with a gentle chocolate accent was the way to go, and this is what you will find in my new for '22 Chocolate+ Rose Eau de Parfum."
March 17, 2022 — Jeffrey Dame

Sprightly EdT Verses Buttery Smooth Oil.

"Sometimes using the same fragrance in two different forms creates the impression of two different scents entirely.  A fragrance formula recipe blended into an alcohol base is bright, sprightly and dances into the air.   That same fragrance formula recipe blended into an oil base is buttery smooth and lays close to the skin.  Same perfume, two effects.  The solution is of course to wear the oil and EdT together."
March 05, 2022 — Jeffrey Dame

[pt. 2] Less is more; and more is more.

"A few years ago I was inspired to make a Mexican Hot Chocolate perfume but all the ingredients which brought the formula to life ultimately detracted from the beautiful pure chocolate essence at the base.  So I removed all the excess ingredients leaving only the chocolate and Chocolate Man Cologne was born. So there, less was more.  Now in 2022 I'm introducing Chocolate+ EdT, an intensified and powered up interpretation of that same chocolate base from back in the day.  Here then, more is more.  Just a matter of time, perspective and want."
February 21, 2022 — Jeffrey Dame

Well, hello then!

"Niche hand-blended perfume may well be an undiscovered joy you accidentally stumble across, but I find whether or not a person actually wears fragrance to be more instinctive.  Let's say 50/50 yay or nay.  Happily it's unnecessary for me to convince a non-perfume-person to wear perfume, my journey is all about finding perfume-people and saying hello."
February 17, 2022 — Jeffrey Dame

Less is more; and more is more.

"There are two ways to go with ingredients in developing a new perfume formula.  Less is more; and more is more.  Both are correct approaches.  It’s more about what strikes your fancy at the moment; and of course just how intriguing, magical and spectacular the end result is."
February 12, 2022 — Jeffrey Dame

One scent a day is the rule.

"Hand-blending and filling today at the perfume shop, many many bottles of my new Pineapple Musk.  Just magical.  Days when I fill perfume bottles precludes all other fragrance development activity. The fragrance being filled on a particular day overwhelms my senses completely from body to brain and I have to hold off working on any new formulations or tinkering with concentration levels.  One scent a day is the rule."
February 09, 2022 — Jeffrey Dame

One more rose.

"I'm hand-filling [my hands of course] my SOLIFLORE Rose de Mai perfume today, a simply lovely perfume.  There are sixteen SOLIFLORE perfumes in the collection so far and I continue to be amazed that Rose de Mai is a top seller to my customers.  It's beautiful - but that is a given - I would have thought though that there would be no more room in the universe for another rose perfume as there are hundreds and hundreds of rose fragrances from which to select.  Here though I'm always making new batches of SOLIFLORE Rose de Mai, which speaks I think to the idea that there is always room for magic." 
February 02, 2022 — Jeffrey Dame

Let's concentrate.

"The general thinking of people who wear perfume is that fragrances with the highest percentage levels of essential oils in the final mix are superior because they are richer, project more and are longer lasting.  This is a misconception, as a scent's true lasting power and character is more a function of the perfumer's selection of individual ingredients used in the initial formula recipe rather than simply increasing overall oil levels.  An 8% mix in one scent can outperform a 16% concentration in another."
January 30, 2022 — Jeffrey Dame