Sonoran Desert Artistic Perfume


Good Luck & Good Fortune

I heard my perfume talking to me.

Good Luck & Good Fortune
When my perfume first spoke to me at first its voice was like a soft rustle in a light breeze. Then I heard my perfume as music - a melody of voices- and I knew my perfume was saying what do you want? My perfume signaled me to come closer and said to me “look!”.
I looked and saw myself in my perfume.
The new soliflore edt sprays 50 ml $48


Nine new SOLIFLORE Eau de Toilette sprays to explore and enjoy in Gardenia, Rose de Mai, Osmanthus, Orange Flower, Honeysuckle, Wisteria, Ginger Lily, Linden Blossom and Vanilla Orchid.

Photorealistic Fragrance

La Créativité Super, Le Sillage Extraordinaire.

Parfums Jeffrey Dame

La force de la beauté.

Statement Time.

Parfums Jeffrey Dame Noir Homme

Provocative, Inventive, Daring, Heady, Potent.