New DAME Botanical Perfumed Hair Oil Offerings

Exclusive New Perfume Access

DAME CLUB 100 is for customers who have cumulatively purchased over $100 in DAME perfumery products since DAME was founded in 2014.  

Currently on early access offer are trial sizes of the new Chocolate+ Eau de Toilette concentration as well as the new Pineapple Musk Eau de Toilette.

Coming soon is the new SOLIFLORE Vanilla Orchid perfume and the new Everyman Pinyon Pine Man Cologne.

The new DAME Artist Collection Trial Size Eau de Parfum Sprays

DAME Artist Collection Trial Sizes

New and now, DAME Artist Collection Trial Size Eau de Parfum Spray 2.6 ml samples in Black Flower Mexican Vanilla, Desert Rose, Dark Horse, Earth Mother, Sky Father, Monsoon and Chilehead.

Exceptional beauty. Find your love.

$12.50 each with free shipping.