"Let your perfume guide you; follow it to beauty."

Desert Rose

"Seek and see the marvel all around you."

Sonoran Desert Artistic Perfume

Collaborative creations by perfume maker Jeffrey Dame and his father the artist V. Dave Dame

Original Bottle Artwork Reproduction
Pen and Ink drawing with Gouache color brushwork on vellum by
the artist V. Dave Dame

New Musk

Clean, Soft, Smooth, Sensuous.

The new soliflore edt sprays 50 ml $48


Nine new SOLIFLORE Eau de Toilette sprays to explore and enjoy in Gardenia, Rose de Mai, Osmanthus, Orange Flower, Honeysuckle, Wisteria, Ginger Lily, Linden Blossom and Vanilla Orchid.

Photorealistic Fragrance

The secret to healthy aging

It saves my skin

5by5 Facial Cream provides a protective

coating, really thick and moisturizing.

Works so well for me because I’m dry.