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"A good cologne is a wonderful thing." Jeffrey Dame

The perfect anytime clean skin scent. New Musk By Jeffrey Dame

Sixteen Photorealistic SOLIFLORE Perfumes

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Exclusive New Perfume Access

DAME CLUB 100 is for customers who have cumulatively purchased over $100 in DAME perfumery products since DAME was founded in 2014.  It's free and automatic. Members receive exclusive sneak peek access to new perfume creations by Jeffrey Dame.

Currently on CLUB 100 early access offer are the new Chocolate+ Rose EdT, the new SOLIFLORE Vanilla Orchid perfume oil as well as the new Pineapple Musk EdT.

Coming soon to CLUB 100 are the new Everyman Pinyon Pine Man Cologne, the most amazing Chocolate+ Milk EdT and Jeffrey Dame's rather stunning after hours parfum Rugir de Gardenia Noir Femme EdP.