DAME Artist-In-Residence V. Dave Dame
V. Dave Dame
Dame Perfumery Artist-In-Residence

Dame family patriarch and artist in residence V. Dave Dame creates unique art pieces which capture the essence of Dame Perfumery Artist Collection fragrances.  Pen and ink drawings, watercolors, oil painting, block prints, statuary, and wood carvings bring life, context and story-telling to the fragrant essences.

"The more completely we comprehend our world, the more obvious it becomes that we are at once within nature and beyond it. We straddle two worlds, a natural one that has produced us, and a spiritual one that we have produced. As an artist, I try to expand and explain ways of expressing these paired elements. I paint and sculpt both the natural and spiritual world, not what I see with my eyes, but the images I have learned to see with my mind's eye. My art is a mixture of current images and personal memories."  V. Dave Dame
V. Dave Dame was born straddling two worlds, the natural world of his rural North Dakota parents and the spiritual world of his Dakota (Eastern Sioux) grandfather. He graduated from the University of Minnesota in Ecology coupled with Studio Art, specializing in sculpture. Moving frequently during a 31 year career with the National Park Service, Dave has exhibited paintings and sculptures inspired by many places here and abroad where he has worked and traveled. During this time he worked with the noted sculptor Phillip Ratner to produce a series of sculptures for display at the Statue of Liberty. Dave has won a number of awards for his sculpture and paintings and his works are in private collections throughout the country. He now lives in Oro Valley, Arizona where he continues his work.

 DAME Artist Collection Fine Art Prints by V. Dave Dame

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V. Dave Dame Painting and Sculpture

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 V. Dave Dame Creativity Series Of Six 2:00 Minute Videos.  
Tucson Arizona USA
Episode 1 of 6: V. Dave Dame "Did I Actually Do That?"
Episode 2 of 6: V. Dave Dame "I Paint For Me."
Episode 3 of 6: V. Dave Dame "Reasons That People Do Art." 
Episode 4 of 6: V. Dave Dame "He Wanted To Create Something."
Episode 5 of 6: V. Dave Dame "I Like To See With My Mind." 
Episode 6 of 6: V. Dave Dame "Good Art Doesn't Have To Match Your Couch."


Shaman Statues by V. Dave Dame

V. Dave Dame
Shaman Statues