"The joy I find in perfume creation only comes to fruition if there are women and men out there in the world actually wearing and enjoying my fragrances.  Yes of course I offer trial size samples in all sixty of my scents, but it's not the same.  There is nothing quite so satisfying as starting your day reaching out for a beautiful full bottle of perfume and spraying away with abandon, knowing this perfume is indeed yours and when your bottle is all used up you'll have another thank you.

I think of the perfumes I offer to my customers as 'considered purchases'; by which I mean selecting a fragrance to buy is not only a personal evaluation of whether the scent character is desirable and right for them - but also if they have the extra cash that month for a luxury purchase.  This is why my Parfums Jeffrey Dame fragrances are priced at $42 for a full bottle.  Beauty within reach."

April 05, 2023 — Jeffrey Dame

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