"I personally love all the perfumes I create for you, each and every one...how could I not?   During the creative development process I wear the fragrance myself for weeks at a time so that when the perfume reaches you it is just perfect in every way possible.  With my new Parfums Jeffrey Dame Fidele Ambre Noir Homme EdP  though the development process has been just a touch longer at forty years.  Amber in perfumery is not an ingredient, it is rather an accord of sandalwood, benzoin and patchouli which when brought together creates a sweet resinous warm balsamic sensation which I find fabulous.  Way back in 1984 I was presented with a three note amber accord which I've dabbed on myself here and there for years and years and always thought this heart needs to be built out into a complete fragrance.  So yes, here now is Fidele Ambre in resplendent form for you to explore and enjoy.  DAME Club 100 members have had access to Fidele Ambre on a preview basis for the past few months, and trial sizes are being mailed out right now to those customers who signed up for a free sample.  Fidele Ambre took a good while, but I'm a happy man now that my cherished amber accord has been fully dressed.  I'm wearing it right now while listening to Smokey Robinson sing Quiet Storm.  Perfect."  

August 25, 2023 — Jeffrey Dame

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