Scatamalis Base Eau de Parfum Spray 2.6 ml/0.09 fl oz

$ 12.50

Parfums Jeffrey Dame
Vintage Vibes, Retro Fabulous.
SCATAMALIS Base blended with patchouli, vetiver, cedar wood, civet, skatole, and musk.
These are the six base notes at the heart of the JD Juste Filthy Noir Homme eau de parfum, isolated, extracted and compounded here to make a new scent JD Scatamalis, an amplifier of the base essence.  Apply JD Scatamalis Base sparingly to pulse points over or under JD Juste Filthy for extra depth and intensity.
JD Scatamalis Base in itself is rich, soothing and elemental; and may also be worn solo.
Jeffrey Dame