"White flower aficionados cherish a gardenia note in their perfume for its unique,  glowing, full and rounded beauty.  So very special.  Less known out in the perfume universe is that all gardenia perfumes are creative fantasies from the perfumer's mind.  Gardenia in its natural state is one of the few flowers for which fragrant essential oil can not be harvested and extracted from the plant for use in perfumery.  Squeeze a rose...perfumed rose oil.  Squeeze a gardenia...nada.  So then by default all the gardenia notes and full-fledged gardenia perfumes out there in the world are created with the perfumer's imagination using sophisticated aromachemical molecules and extracts of other similar white flowers to re-create the impression of gardenia.  Fascinating really, which is why rose perfumes generally exude a specific recognizable character and gardenia perfumes have an olfactive effect which journeys all over the place.  Come walk with me, I'll show you, for my gardenia perfumes all follow their own unique paths of beauty."
January 25, 2023 — Jeffrey Dame

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