"Modern perfume creations are more often than not linear in their scent character, by which I mean the top note scent you smell in the first moments after spraying your perfume on remains consistent over the next few hours through the middle notes and down to the dry down; everything constant.  My photorealistic SOLIFLORE Gardenia perfume does this, true and focused all the way though.  Even the more complex formula for my Carolina Woman Lime, Gardenia & Benzoin Eau de Toilette performs in this manner.  There are nuances and facets to experience, but the character is steady throughout. Back in the day though there were perfume formulas with a great deal of movement - what you smell to start changes and moves to different places throughout the day.  The character can't be pinned down, the scent is on its own journey and you try and keep up.  This is what you will find with my new JD Rugir de Gardenia Noir Femme Eau de Parfum, a vintage vibes retro fabulous shapeshifter which carries you away."
January 31, 2023 — Jeffrey Dame

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