New Musk Perfume Oil Pour 5 ml/0.17 fl oz

$ 18.00

New Musk Perfume Oil
a blend of lemon, plum, lily of the valley, jasmine, rose, vanilla, sandalwood, musk; 
but mostly musk.
The perfumery formula used to make the New Musk Perfume Oil is exactly the same ingredient recipe as the formula used for the New Musk-Man-Cologne.  The difference is that the New Musk-Man-Cologne is in an alcohol base, and the New Musk Perfume Oil is in an oil base at double the concentration level.   The two New Musk products, the cologne and the perfume oil can be used together or separately.  Both are amazingly beautiful and last a good long while; however you will find the cologne has a greater projection into the air with the alcohol base while the perfume oil is denser and richer and lays closer to the skin.  The New Musk Perfume Oil is presented in a pour bottle with a reduced opening to dab or sprinkle on. 
When I originally conceived New Musk, I created it with men in mind as the users.  It's part of my process, visualizing a man or woman wearing the scent.  OK, to be honest I created New Musk for myself - I wear it all the time - but woman are wearing my New Musk-Man-Cologne on themselves and rather than introduce a women's version I just left the New Musk-Man-Cologne as is and women can simply brave the male side of life and go for it.  The perfume oil though is simply named New Musk Perfume Oil.
So there you have it, the full story.  Both are the same formula.  Cologne and Perfume Oil.
enjoy, I certainly do.  crazy sexy stuff.
Jeffrey Dame